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Energy Savings for Your Home
From small improvements to complete energy upgrades for your home, Austin Energy has a rebate, incentive, or loan offer for you.
Monitor Your Usage
Smart Thermostats Allow Remote Control
Smart thermostats help you control your home's comfort and save energy and money. Austin Energy offers rebates and incentives to help you save even more.
Manage Your Residential Energy Costs
It's easy to view your home electric usage anywhere you have Internet access. You can also receive alerts when your usage approaches the next rate tier.
Lower Your Usage
Save Energy for What Matters
Small changes help add up to big savings. Whether you live in a house, a condo, or an apartment, you have many ways to reduce your home energy usage, save money, and save energy for what matters.
Be a PowerSaver Volunteer
Anyone can volunteer to save energy in Austin during peak usage times.
Maximize Your Energy Savings
Home Energy Improvements Explained
Savings. Comfort. Health. Smaller Carbon Footprint. Explore Austin Energy’s whole-home approach to energy efficiency.
Get Instant Savings on Energy-Efficient Products
Saving money and energy go hand-in-hand when you buy select products at local participating retailers.

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