Austin Energy's Commercial Rebates help businesses of all sizes, non-profits and houses of worship make energy efficiency affordable. Earn an average rebate of $5,000 when you invest in these equipment and process improvements.
  • Worker installing ceiling insulation

    Ceiling and Roof Insulation

    Boost savings and comfort by installing new, energy-saving ceiling or roof insulation. Commercial customers earn a rebate of $0.75 per square foot installed.

  • Chillers


    Save energy and earn a rebate when you install a high-efficiency air or water-cooled chiller.

  • Two workers with hard hats having a discussion

    Commercial Demand Response

    Earn rewards for reducing your energy use at peak times. Austin Energy pays $50-$80 per average kW saved during these events.

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Keep your kitchen running smoothly and earn a rebate when you upgrade to energy-saving commercial kitchen equipment.

  • Cooling Towers

    Cooling Towers

    Save on operating costs and earn when you install a new, high-efficiency cooling tower. Austin Energy offers $420 per kW you save.

  • Custom Technologies

    Custom Technologies

    Don’t see a rebate for your project? No problem. Austin Energy offers customized rebates for most energy-saving equipment and process improvements.

  • Image of a electronically commutated motor

    EC Motor Rebates

    Increase efficiency by installing or retrofitting equipment with high-efficiency electronically commutated motors (ECM). Austin Energy pays $420 per kW you save.

  • Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Save money and improve air quality with an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). Austin Energy pays $420 per kW your ERV saves.

  • Guest Room Controllers

    Guest Room Controllers

    Earn rebates to equip guest rooms with occupancy-based thermostat controllers. Austin Energy pays $50 for each eligible controller you install.

  • Heat Pump Water Heaters

    Heat Pump Water Heaters

    Earn an $800 rebate on qualified high-efficiency heat pump water heaters.

  • High Efficiency Lighting and Controls

    High Efficiency Lighting and Controls

    Earn rebates and save on utility bills with high-efficiency lighting for your business.

  • Person on telephone taking notes

    Home Energy Savings for Small Business

    Earn rebates on energy-saving improvements to your home-based small business or nonprofit.

  • HVAC Replacement

    HVAC Replacement

    Earn a rebate when you upgrade to energy-efficient HVAC equipment for your business.

  • Commercial HVAC Tune-Up

    HVAC Tune-Up

    Earn a rebate up to $680 when you have a participating contractor tune up your HVAC system.

  • New Construction Lighting

    New Construction Lighting

    Earn up to $370 per kW you save with high-efficiency lighting for your new construction project.

  • New Construction Rebates

    New Construction Rebates

    Earn rebates for including energy-efficient technologies in your new construction and major remodel projects.

  • Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Get rebates for smart thermostats and earn up to $75 in bill credits when you enroll in the Power Partner program.

  • Reflective Roof Coating

    Reflective Roof Coating

    Keep heat out of your building and save money on air conditioning with spray-on or paint-on reflective roof coatings. Austin Energy will rebate $0.20 per square foot of coating applied.

  • Small Business Lighting

    Small Business Lighting

    Save up to 80% on high-efficiency lighting for your small business or non-profit.

  • Illustration of thermal energy storage process

    Thermal Energy Storage

    Change the way you cool your building and earn rebates on thermal energy storage systems.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

    Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

    Earn rebates when you install a high-efficiency uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for emergency backup power. Austin Energy pays $420 per kW your UPS saves.

  • Several variable frequency drives side by side

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

    Run your motors more efficiently with variable frequency drives (VFD). Austin Energy pays $480 per kW your VFD saves.

  • Window Treatments and Replacements

    Window Treatments and Replacements

    Earn rebates to install solar shading, window film or energy-efficient windows. Austin Energy pays up to $1.73 per square foot of window treated or replaced.