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Power Partner℠ Program Helps Keep Rates Low
Whether you rent or own your home, the voluntary Power Partner program rewards you for each smart thermostat you enroll.

Power Partners help the community manage energy use on days when the need is highest. During these peak times, Austin Energy briefly adjusts enrolled smart thermostats to use less energy. 

Already Have a Smart Thermostat?

Does your house, condo or apartment already have an eligible smart thermostat installed? You can get a $50 bill credit for each thermostat you enroll in Power Partner, plus $25 annually for each thermostat that remains enrolled.

Thinking of Buying a Smart Thermostat?

As an Austin Energy customer, you can get a $30 rebate for each new eligible smart thermostat installed at your home.

Who Can Join Power Partner? 

Commercial and residential customers (both homeowners and renters) can enroll in Power Partner with an eligible smart thermostat.

Enroll in Power Partner

What Is Power Partner?

Customers who choose to enroll in Power Partner earn bill credits for enrolled thermostats. Power Partners help Austin Energy manage community energy use during Power Partner events. These events occur on days when the need for energy spikes or when there is an emergency.

During a Power Partner event, Austin Energy adjusts the temperature setting on thousands of thermostats across the city, thanks to volunteer Power Partner customers. Temporary thermostat adjustments up to 4 degrees helps reduce community energy use and costs.

This group effort increases power grid reliability during hot summer days when community-wide energy use is highest.

What Happens During a Power Partner Event?

During a Power Partner event, Austin Energy will adjust your thermostat setting by up to 4 degrees. These remote adjustments help manage energy use throughout the community.

Most Power Partner events will:

  • Occur for two hours between 3:00–6:00 p.m. during the summer (June 1–Sept. 30). Austin Energy may conduct events outside of these windows, such as during the winter and during extreme weather circumstances.
  • Adjust your thermostat by up to 4 degrees, which may include pre-cooling or pre-heating prior to an event to help prolong your initial comfort level. Pre-cooling and pre-heating adjusts your existing thermostat setting by 2 degrees, up to 30 minutes beforehand.
  • Occur on non-holiday weekdays. During extreme weather circumstances, Austin Energy may conduct events on holidays and weekends.
  • Occur no more than three times per week and no more than 25 times a year. During extreme weather circumstances, Austin Energy may conduct events up to five times per week.

You can override Power Partner events at any time by simply adjusting the temperature on your thermostat or thermostat app.

Austin Energy does not send Power Partner event notifications, which are set by the thermostat manufacturer. Manufacturers may or may not provide notifications prior to a Power Partner event. Notifications will usually appear in two ways: 1) on the smart thermostat screen or 2) within the manufacturer’s smart thermostat app on a mobile device, instead of as a text message or email.

How Will I Know a Power Partner Event is Starting?

A message will appear in your thermostat app and on the thermostat display itself. You may also notice your HVAC system running just before Austin Energy begins a Power Partner event. This pre-cooling allows you to remain more comfortable during the event period and allows Austin Energy to maximize community results. 

Can I Override a Power Partner Event?

Yes. You can override any event by adjusting the temperature at your thermostat or on the thermostat app. However, turning on a nearby fan can help you feel cooler while keeping your thermostat at the Power Partner event setting.

How Can I Permanently Opt Out of Power Partner?

Customers who wish to permanently discontinue their participation in Power Partner events may do so by submitting a Power Partner Opt-Out request.

How Can I Monitor My Ongoing Energy Use?

Check your energy usage regularly to avoid surprises on your energy bill. You can view your electric usage anywhere you have internet access simply by logging in to Online Customer Care. You can compare your usage to the previous month or year or to similar homes in your neighborhood. You can also set alerts for higher billing tiers and receive customized energy savings tips.

For an even deeper dive into your usage, including solar panel production info, access the Austin Energy Web App.

How Else Can I Save Money on My Electric Bills?

You may qualify for other rebates and incentives to help pay for energy-efficient cooling and heating upgrades.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 02/01/2024