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Save Money & Energy

Saving energy and money go hand-in-hand. We can all contribute to reducing Austin’s energy demand by making simple lifestyle changes and energy-efficient home improvements. When demand decreases, we all save. Austin Energy is committed to helping our customers achieve the greatest savings possible.

HVAC Tune-Up

Save money and keep your residents' home comfortable and cool. Improve the performance of an existing air conditioning or heat pump system and earn a rebate.

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  • Incentive
  • Eligibility
  • How to Apply
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Tune-ups help an HVAC unit to recover lost efficiency, improve overall comfort level, operate more safely, and reduce operating expenses.

In general, if an HVAC unit is not being replaced, Austin Energy strongly encourages one of our participating contractor to perform an HVAC Tune-up. This measure is to be performed after all other eligible measures on the property are completed as applicable.

Our Multifamily Rebates are for energy efficiency improvements installed in residential and common areas to benefit the entire community.

Financing is Available

Affordable, long-term financing is available to cover the cost for energy efficiency, water conservation, and onsite generation technologies.

Learn more about PACE Financing

Rebate ranges from $240 to $370 per system based on the scope of work requirements from visual and diagnostic testing results.

Download the Multifamily Program Rebate Summary (pdf) for details

Program Requirements

Specific Requirements

  • Unit must be between 5 and 15 years of age on average and cannot be visually damaged; exceptions can be made case-by-case.
  • Contractor should discuss HVAC replacement for units older than 20 years with property management.
  • Unit must not have received a Tune-Up in the last 5 years and cannot be under an existing service contract or factory warranty.
  • Unit cooling capacity cannot exceed 65,000 Btu/hr.
  • The contractor will complete and upload into EECP a detailed summary of the inspection using the MF Rebate Workbook provided by program staff.
  • The property/customer is responsible for the cost of any repairs or additional services performed by the contractor that are outside the scope of the program Tune-Up offering. These additional services should be included in the initial signed property agreement.
  • Austin Energy makes no representations and provides no warranty/guarantee with respect to the service performed.
  • Contractors to perform the HVAC Tune-Up after all other eligible measures are complete

Comply with ECAD to Qualify for Rebate

If your multifamily property is 10 years or older and located within the Austin city limits, you must be in compliance with the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance before receiving a rebate check. ECAD promotes energy efficiency by identifying potential energy savings for your property.

Properties that have not completed an ECAD audit are eligible to receive a rebate (capped at $2,500) to cover the audit cost. Get ECAD audit rebate details

Getting Started

Provide your contact information. We have streamlined our process to get you started quickly!


  • An Austin Energy representative will contact you to collect information about your multifamily community and determine rebate eligibility.
  • We will provide trained staff to help complete and submit the application.


We need to assess your property or multifamily community to determine rebate eligibility.

  • Once your application has been accepted, a participating contractor will schedule a site visit to develop and review the scope of work with you.


  • Austin Energy will issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) and the participating contractor will have 120  days to complete the installation.
  • Austin Energy staff will conduct real time inspections to keep the project on time and ensure a quality project.

Final Inspection

  • An Austin Energy Program Coordinator will schedule a final inspection with the property manager or owner to confirm that all work was performed to expectations.
  • The rebate will be paid to the contractor if authorized by the account holder.

Contact Austin Energy for More Information

Call 512-482-5346 or email Multifamily Rebates if you have any questions about our rebates.

Participating Contractor Required for Rebate

Austin Energy requires that you use an Austin Energy participating contractor to qualify for this rebate. Participating contractors meet Austin Energy requirements for licensure, insurance, workmanship, and equipment.


The selection of a Participating Contractor to perform work is the sole decision of the property owner and/or authorized lessee/occupant. Inclusion in this directory does not represent an endorsement by Austin Energy of any product, individual, or company. No work is guaranteed or warranty expressed or implied, and Austin Energy makes no guarantees as to the quality, cost, or effectiveness of the products provided and work performed by the contractor, employees, or subcontractors.


Rebates are paid only after Austin Energy has approved the rebate application and conducted any necessary site inspections. All installed equipment must comply with local, state, and federal regulations, including building code and permitting requirements. Offerings, program requirements, and rebate levels are subject to change without notice. Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum combined rebate is $300,000 per customer site per fiscal year (October through September).


Date last reviewed or modified: 12/01/2022