Save Money, Energy, and Water with Small Business Outreach Program

Get tips, tools, and savings from the City of Austin.

Save Money & Energy
Save Money, Energy, and Water with Small Business Outreach Program

Don't try to go it alone. Take advantage of all the City of Austin has to offer to help you save where you can and conserve where you can.

As a small business owner, you have achieved your dream of being your own boss. Time and money are now more precious than ever before.

Our Commercial Energy Efficiency team created the Small Business Outreach Program to help you save money, energy, and water. The program provides you with a free, personalized conservation and energy efficiency guide to rebates and incentives offered by the City of Austin.

This program has grown into a collaborative effort among several City of Austin departments. Participating departments include:

  • Austin Energy – Our free onsite assessment identifies energy efficiency improvements that help you save on your monthly electric bill. You may qualify for energy efficiency rebates and other incentives that can help pay for these improvements.
  • Austin Water – Save money on your monthly water bill with our water conservation, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting incentives.
  • Austin Resource Recovery – You will learn more about the Universal Recycling Ordinance, how it affects your business, and how you can get started. This ordinance supports our Zero Waste initiative, which aims to reduce waste by 90% by 2040.
  • Office of Sustainability – Our Green Business Leaders program provides you with the tools and resources that can help your company save money, expand market share, protect the environment, and support our local community. We will help you get started.
  • Austin Transportation Department – The City of Austin Air Quality Program promotes healthy outdoor air while reducing traffic. Find out how your business can contribute by reducing commutes and starting a carpooling program.  
  • Austin Watershed Protection – Flash floods can endanger your life and business. Learn about how we protect you by reducing the impacts of flooding.
  • Small Business Program – We support small businesses from creation to success. Learn more about our consulting services, tools, and resources to help your small business thrive.  


To qualify for the Small Business Outreach Program or offerings, you must own or operate a small business, or a tax-exempt 501(c)3 small non-profit.  Your business or non-profit must have a peak demand of less than 300 kW during June through September or have a facility with less than 30,000 sq ft.

Houses of Worship can take advantage of Austin Energy's Small Business Rebates and Small Business Lighting programs.

Get Started With an On-Site Energy/Resource Conservation Assessment

As part of your personalized service, Austin Energy will conduct a free On-Site Energy/Resource Conservation Assessment for your business that will identify resource conservation and energy-saving opportunities.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Download our Small Business Welcome Form (pdf). This form will help us prepare for your assessment.
  2. Fill out, scan, and email the completed form to Small Business Outreach.

The assessment can include an evaluation of your water usage, recycling opportunities, and potential energy efficiency improvements, including air conditioning, lighting, building envelope, and other equipment.

We will also provide you information about our rebates and other City of Austin incentives that will help you pay for improvements.

Austin Energy Rebates and Discounts Help You Save Even More

Did you know that as a small business owner, you may qualify for an additional 30% rebate on top of Austin Energy’s standard commercial rebates (pdf) for a wide range of upgrades?

Also, our substantial Small Business Lighting discount can save you up to 80% on  high-efficiency lighting upgrades for your business. This discount reduces your upfront costs.

Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Program offers a wide variety of energy efficiency incentives to save money for your business.

Schedule Your Personalized Site Visit Today

If you are interested in scheduling your free, personalized site visit, please email Small Business Outreach for more information or call us at 512-482-5346. We are happy to coordinate with the other City departments to meet at a time that is convenient for you.

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