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Energy Savings for Your Home, Business, or Multifamily Property

We offer residential rebates and loans for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, pools, water heaters, and more.
Our commercial rebates and incentives help you save money and energy on heating and cooling costs and appliances for your business.
Our multifamily rebates help you efficiently control heating, cooling, and lighting costs without compromising comfort.

Featured Savings

Manage Your Residential Energy Costs
Austin Energy’s interactive web app for residential customers allows you to monitor your daily energy consumption, view your bill history, and see a future forecast of your energy bill cost.
Save Money, Energy, and Water with Small Business Outreach Program
Don't try to go it alone. Take advantage of all the City of Austin has to offer to help you save where you can and conserve where you can.
Save Residents Money with ENERGY STAR® Products
Your residents will thank you when you choose energy-efficient appliances and bulbs for your rental units.
Home Energy Improvements Explained

Home Energy Improvements Explained

Why should you make energy upgrades in houses 10+ years old? Savings, comfort, and health, for starters. Plus, you can enjoy rebates averaging $1,800. Get started today!

Energy Management

Adjust Your Thermostat On The Go

If you have an Internet-connected thermostat and a smartphone, you can adjust your thermostat on the go. You can also set a personalized cooling or heating schedule for maximum comfort and minimum fuss.

Adjust Your Thermostat On The Go

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