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Weatherize to Lower Energy Costs and Improve Comfort, Health, and Safety

Austin Energy offers home energy improvements at no cost to qualifying customers. These improvements lower energy costs and improve indoor comfort and air quality, making homes healthier and safer. 

Weatherization takes place through a series of energy improvements which seal up a house so that cool air stays inside and hot, humid air stays outside. This work protects a house from hot and cold weather as the seasons change.

Austin Energy Offers No-Cost Weatherization Improvements to Eligible Homeowners

The Weatherization Assistance Program at Austin Energy helps eligible homeowners and renters save energy and money while improving indoor comfort, health, and safety by weatherizing the home.

Improvements may include sealing up the home and the duct system, adding attic insulation, adding solar screens, repairing and/or replacing ductwork, replacing old lighting with energy efficient LEDs, and installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors — all at no cost to the customer.

Possible Improvements for Eligible Customers

Austin Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program

The illustration shows the areas of the house that may be included as part of Austin Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program. Some measures shown here may not apply to every home that goes through weatherization, because each home has different needs.

1 - Health and Safety

New carbon monoxide and smoke detectors improve health safety and ensure that customers receive warning when air quality changes due to improper venting of a faulty gas appliance or smoke in the home due to fire. 

2 - Air Infiltration

Weatherstripping of outside doors as well as sealing plumbing and electrical connections under cabinets and sealing the duct system helps prevent pests and pollutants from entering the house while keeping conditioned air inside.

3 - Attic Insulation

If current insulation levels are low (less than 10”), additional insulation in the attic can help lock in cool temperatures in the summer and keep cold air out in the winter to protect indoor living areas from extreme outside temperatures.

4 - Solar Screens

Solar screens cover the entire window and have a special screen material that when installed on windows can reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters into the home.

5 - Duct Repair/Replacement

Repairing or replacing ductwork that is old, damaged, or improperly sized can help correct problems with heating and cooling your home while improving indoor air quality.

6 - High Efficiency Lighting

LED lighting installed in the house requires less energy to operate, which can help keep electricity bills lower.

7 - AC Equipment Inspection and Cleaning

Inspecting and cleaning a working AC unit and minor components can improve the air conditioner’s operation and lower the cost to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Weatherization Important?

  • Saves energy and money on electric bills
  • Improves the quality of the air in the home that the household breathes every day, by reducing indoor air pollutants and hazards
  • Increases the health and safety of the home by sealing gaps, reducing entryways for pests and installing carbon monoxide/smoke detectors
  • Enhances comfort by lowering the humidity in the home and helping to maintain a steady indoor temperature

Who is Eligible to Receive Weatherization Assistance?

Austin Energy provides weatherization improvements at no cost to eligible customers. Austin Energy customers may qualify if their home is 2,500 sq. ft. or smaller, if the home’s appraised value is $300,000 or less (excluding land value) and if the customer meets income requirements.

Call 512-482-5346 to see if you are eligible for Weatherization Assistance.

How Does the Process Work?

If Austin Energy determines a customer is eligible and interested in the Weatherization Assistance Program, then:

  • An Austin Energy staff member will discuss eligibility with the customer over the phone.
  • If the customer is eligible, Austin Energy will assign the home to one of the Weatherization Assistance Program contractors.
  • The contractor will call within 1-3 weeks to set up an appointment to assess the home. In the summer, the wait time may be longer, due to increased demand.
  • At the assessment, the contractor and an Austin Energy inspector will walk through the home to review which weatherization measures would best improve the home’s energy efficiency. The customer, contractor, and inspector will review and sign the resulting work order.
  • The contractor will schedule time with the customer to perform the installation of the measures at the home. This should typically take 1-3 weeks.
  • After the contractor finishes installation, a final inspection will occur at the home with the customer, the contractor, and the Austin Energy inspector. This inspection will review the measures installed to ensure quality and accuracy. Should the work meet requirements, the customer, contractor, and inspector will sign the final inspection.
  • Once the home passes final inspection, the Austin Energy inspector will provide the customer with a one-year warranty document. Weatherization is then complete!

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Austin Energy

Customer Energy Solutions

721 Barton Springs Road

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email icon   Customer Energy Solutions

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